Plan a Trip to Sardinia with friends and renting an Airbnb


Planning a trip to Sardinia is awesome so here are some tips for you.

These tips are more suited for people who visit a new beach every day and strive for a new adventure of having to find a parking place near their chosen beach.

Search out the beaches online beforehand, because your home base (Hotel or Airbnb) will be a crucial factor in the kilometers you will have to do and the time you will spend behind the steering wheel.

If you have people who get sick from driving on serpentine roads be advised that there are tons of mountain roads that run on coast and give you a Côte d’Azur and barfing feeling.

You should take a small car if you have a smaller group because some of the streets are really narrow.And watching the cars in the zona one realizes that these people can’t drive for shit.

Car rental

In case you’re not planning on sending your own car with a boat, then I suggest you reserve a car at least a few months before you get there  and this way you’ll save money because you get a way better deal,and have free cancellation 10 days before the trip if something goes wrong.

If you want to book with insurance I suggest you book it as you’re reserving the car online, because if you do it there, you will have to pay more, in our case for the Full Casco we would have had to pay €25/day, and be sure to have internet on your phone so you can use google maps or something or bring your own GPS or you can rent it from these ”thieves” for €7/day and risk the GPS being from the Stone Age and sending you off a bridge.

Before taking the car I take photographs of some existing damages.

I had a whole paparazzi team taking photographs of every inch of the cars because I was there with 9 friends we needed two.

Save on food

Thank god we brought tons of apples and snacks so we didn’t have to spend so much on airport food.

If you’re going as a group you will have to consider buying some food at the supermarket and specific garbage bags(read the part about recycling), and only after that drive to your rented villa.

When you’re calculating how much food you guys should buy, bare in mind that after returning from the beach you are most likely going to stop at a restaurant or some gelato place, well who can resist an awesome Calzone or the delicious ice Cream they make mmmmm.


If you rented a Villa I sure hope you love recycling because Sardinians love their recycling.

They have 7 categories of recyclables from which some have their own specific bags. They have different containers for the wet trash different containers for the dry stuff for the glass so make sure to put out your specific trash (on the day it gets collected) or just go to the main recycling center in your area and bring the bags personally.

I would not advise the method that we used but diligently put the stuff out on a day-to-day basis that will make your life way easier.

Torre Delle Stelle is a nice and quiet place but unfortunately the street are really narrow  and even the driveway feels kind of cramped. There is no sewage system so we were not allowed to throw toilet papers in the toilet ( I hope you enjoy folding napkins with Nutella ). Store the toilet paper in a paper bag or put it in a carton box.You don’t wanna end up like we did where the person at the recycling center made us open the plastic bag so we had to put the used papers in a Pizza-box.Good luck reusing that paper.

Maximize the beach experience

Drink a coffee at one of the bars on the beach, their cappuccino tastes better than the horse urine we get at work in Germany.   

If you have a friend with snorkeling equipment be sure to try it out. The whole beach experience has become different because now I feel like a diver(a handicapped one) with a short timed scuba gear, it also helped my wife swim more confidently and now she dares to swim into deeper waters. So for that 25 euro I think it’s worth the investment. In choosing a snorkeling mask be sure to measure the distance between the middle point between your eyebrows or uni-brow and the bottom of your chin.

If you have sensitive skin like me and you don’t wanna be deep fried because all of your friends go swimming during peak times you better make sure to buy yourself a swimming shirt.No joke, it was on of the best investments of my life, I save a ton of cash on sunscreen, and could  go out in the sun even if it was 40 degrees outside.You know the saying a swimming T-shirt a day keeps the skin cancer away(just joking) 82% Polyester, 18% Elastane or something around these numbers.Got to 31 years of age and totally angry at myself for not coming to this idea before.

Be sure to have one base beach in your vicinity where you have a small shop on the beach so you can occasionally drink a good cappuccino.

Cala Goloritze

Planing to see Cala Goloritze Beach? If you drive there you will need to travel the last 5 km on foot and it’s a steep mountain path, the ticket cost us  6eu/Person (pay for suffering the true masochist way XD).

Take enough water because it’s a pretty intense workout, so you don’t end up like me and my wife. She brought 1 liter water for the both of us and on the way back it felt like Frodo’s walk to toss the ring into the fires of Mordor.

I was already contemplating on drinking my own urine,it was so bad that half of the way back I would have even payed 10EU for a bottle of water.

In fact I already had a business plan in motion for selling overpriced bottles of water and last will templates for the elderly. It is a rocky road and in some places quite steep, so be sure to pack your trekking boots so you don’t go in your slippers like myself. Thank god I got my wife’s socks otherwise I would have ended up with blisters the size of my fists.

The water temperature there isn’t as warm as on the other beaches of Sardina and it’s pretty deep (after the first 2m it’s 5m deep) if you can’t swim you won’t be enjoying it that much.

I was surprised of how many people survived this ordeal considering that this trip takes like 1h 30 min(one way).

Seeing the beautiful blue paradise at the end was totally worth it,truly stunning.

Beaches visited :

-Spiaggia di Cann’e Sisa

– Genn’e Mari

– Porto Giunco

-Cala Pira

-Cala goloritze

Thanks for sticking with the story this long, I wish you a very nice trip and have fun.