VITALmaxx 07125

This Vibro Plate is really cool.

My wife ordered this device around November of 2017 and she has been using it maybe 2-3 times a week. Mostly standing on it while watching a show on TV ,maybe doing some occasional squats or standing side bends.

It’s relatively easy to use,even without the instructions manual at hand, just hop on, pick a program, press start and keep your balance for 10 minutes. It helps tone your body all around but it’s also good for unwinding your muscles after a workout session.

Although it might sound like the answer to everyone’s weight loss prayers…think again, because if you plan on loosing your excess weight just by standing or sitting on it,you will probably get a rude awakening since it can’t do as much in that department. I mean sure it will tone your jiggly areas a bit but let’s be honest ,it can’t work miracles.

Unfortunately doing actual physical exercise and having a relatively balanced diet is still necessary to shed the extra pounds and have a healthy body, but what this machine can do for you is keep you somewhat fit and help you get toned faster if you use it in addition to your work out. So yeah ( cries internally,while piecing together torn up gym membership) back to the old drawing board.

In my opinion this machine is a bit different from the ones used in gyms, which are developed after the models from the 60’s used by astronauts to preserve bone density and muscle mass and use pure vibration,this one achieves it through a seesaw movement of the plate. It kind of gives you an unsolicited belly dancer 101 crash course, since your hips bounce around like Shakira does.

I also enjoy seeing my flabby belly movements and it’s pretty hilarious when friends come over and I make them try it.

Pros and Cons


-Fun to use

-Way healthier than laying on the couch or binge watching series

-If you also exercise on it will make the workout better


-it is not nearly as good as a gym membership but hey it’s still better than nothing

-it weighs like 14.7 Kg and moving it from one room to another is pretty adventurous.

-the suction cups on it’s feet leave a mark on the carpet and if you place it on the wooden floor it will stick to it. The upside is that when you lift it you will feel like at a weight lifting championship.

My tip is to get close and lift from the knees to avoid injury.

If you would like to see me trying it out click here.

If you would like to test it out for yourself then click Gadget