Speed up your work at the office by writing faster on the keyboard

Keyboard challenge

      Since I am a huge freak of productivity improvement I use this following method.   

To increase my Email and Blog writing speed I started training on this site https://www.keybr.com/ .

At first it was a huge pain in my nickels to get used to the 10 finger-style writing. The problem is I’ve been writing with my self taught method for a very long time.

While I played PC games I kept pressing the buttons like presented in the ugly sketch on the right.

If you like it I can make more ugly stuff like this and hopefully sell them to an eccentric millionaire for a nice sack of cash.

The little finger was kept in the sleeve like an old revolver for the Shift-Tab button and now i am supposed to use it to press a gazillion buttons at the side of the keyboard.

Check this site for the full layout of what buttons your fingers should press https://ansonalex.com/tutorials/free-typing-tutorial-online-video/


     Not gonna lie, it is a painful journey at the beginning where I have to give up my pretty good 70 WPM (words per minute) speed.

But in exchange I get higher speed and accuracy and of course satisfaction of the smoking keyboard while writing.

At first it is discouraging, because of this new beginner speed that resembles my moms two finger-style while using a sonar to find the appropriate buttons. In all my endless hours of gaming and chatting I tattooed my old writing style in my brain and it didn’t ease my journey.

The keyboard training site sequentially trains you every single letter by adding obscure words where that letter comes in over and over until it bleeds out of your nostrils.

    I read Atomic Habits from Clear James and after that I even managed to create a nice habit of it and I also combined it with a calculating math game that I play before I start my keystroke session.

I was pleasantly surprised that I managed to hold on to a good habit and developed it the level I am right now.Will continue on this path and see where it takes me.

And holly shishkebab when I noticed that I’ve been seeing 90 WPM speeds in quick successions.

The mind does not like change because it is easier to do a routine that has been built up and I must say that after +20 days it doesn’t feel like a chore anymore.

It is always hard to reprogram oneself. It’s like someone telling you that all this time you were wrong and imagine you have been doing it like that for 15 years!!

Change is hard but sometimes much needed and it feel awesome.


red over date : the  time spent on the lesson in minutes

green color under date: the average WPM at the end of the lesson

I also wish you the best of luck with your own challenging journey.