Life’s way of sowing destiny or just a series of events

Series of events or just life’s way of sowing destiny?


Series of events that need to happen and in a specific order to get an outcome?


Life surprises us in mysterious ways. The threads of destiny are sown in such ways that even though I am a student of the exact sciences I get surprised of the series of events that need to occur in order for something to happen.

One of my most memorable adventures is the one where I met my wife Katie in the city where I do my studies to become construction engineer.

 Although we both grew up in the same city and saw each 

other and I knew her sister Ramona, who was at the same school and the same year as me and she was a true chatterbox. I barely got the time to talk to Katie a few times, we never really had much contact. Since we were in a different groups of friends and there was this friend of hers who she friend zoned and I thought was her boyfriend which gives me the impression that she is “ocupado”. 


So the very first requisite was for me to know her sister and meet them at the bus stop but for that to happen I needed to go to construction university and in my third year I choose the optional brickwork course for which me and my partner have to be so lazy that we ask some guy at the dorm to help us make it in the last two days.

After we get it I find a mistake in it and have to take it to him to repair it but need to miss the buss and actually go one station back where I meet Ramona. Katie and the other girl can barely contribute to the conversation because Ramona shoots out words with machine gun speed.

She invites me to watch an outside projection of a movie cause it’s the Transylvanian film festival which only happens once a year!.I head to the dorms to fix our project and after I’m done I take the bus down to meet the girls for the movie. As life would have it Ramona is sitting next to Andrea in the first row in the middle and Katie is sitting on the side.So since the first rows are full I bravely take an empty chair and place it next to Katie and we start talking during the movie Precious.

sketch made in paint which showcases how the seats were placed and where I placed my seat

series of events that lead me to put my chiar there where you see it in the picture

We really hit it off, have loads of laughs, in the moments my highly intuitive selves can predict with great accuracy the outcome of some scenes.And we also have a small blanket with which we cover ourselves as we cozy up to each other.

For a quick recap

1.Me and Katie need to be from the same small city

2.I need to know her sister

3.I need to chose Construction engineering

4.Need to make it till the 3rd year and chose Brick construction as the optional credit

5.The partner that I choose needs to be as lazy as myself.

6.We have to ask some dude at the dorm to help us out with the project

7.He needs to make mistakes that I have to take to him to correct.

8.I need to miss the buss and go 1 station back which I almost never did

9.need to meet Ramona and the girls

10.Transilvanian Film festival time

11.Get the invitation from the girls

12.Need to arrive later on in order for me not to sit with Ramona but her sister.

13.Have the guts to place my chair between the main row of the cinema

14.The movie has to be just good enough not to get fully into it so we can hit up a nice conversation.

In conclusion you can see how frightening a string of events needed to happen for me to meet my wife and I bet there are people with even longer strings that are just amazing and incredible.

Do you guys also noticed stuff like this or is it just me?

Would love to hear more about your stories in the comment section below.

I have another story but this one is on the more unfortunate side