Before you start

I want to keep this short because I know that you are eager to breath new life into your old and slow laptop. In this case I will write about the best tip I should have gotten right at the beginning of the journey.

I have a Sony Vaio Vpcea24fm laptop that I purchased in 2010 and it has been very loyal to me over time. Although since I’ve been gaming on my desktop computer, all it did was collect dust. But ever since I’ve decided to learn more about python programming and decided to get my writing to the next level it does come in handy.

To give you a clue how cozy this bed setup really is here’s a pic of me learning and coding at the same time. Samsung Tab A + Lamical Gooseneck + Old Laptop and Alpaca&Elephant friends combo.

A picture of me laying in bed with the laptop in my lap and next to me is a Tablet being held by a goose neck and some a stuffed Elephant and an Alpaca next to me.

In order to compliment this setup I decided to put some RAM into the machine because at the moment it had 4Gb. And I increased it to 8Gb although it didn’t improve that much, because the system reserved memory also increased to 4.7Gb and I only have an effective of 3.3Gb free. I already watched a dozen Videos about how to bring the system reserved down to a minimum but to no success. Maybe it’s because the processor is x64 compatible but the windows is a x86 Windows 10, but who knows.

Thinking it would all be so easy I just took out the old hard drive then mounted the new one. Since I am pretty unlucky with technology installation of course I am greeted by an error.

Me being such a “genius” and a scaredy-cat having my Desktop PC here, I clone the old hard disk to the ssd but got the same error again. But in my Desktop PC it works like a charm, ARGHHHH! Clenched fist trembling, getting ready to punch but dammit I changed my monitors a long time ago to LCD so this one can’t take a punch like my old CRT one. So now suspicions arise that maybe I should Install the SSD from my Desktop into the Laptop and see if anything shows up but of course the same crap over and over.

No more ideas left I was about send this SSD back but I said well f@#$ it. Installed the old hard drive back and went on the internet and updated the Bios from

Bios versions

Old bios version(Top) and New bios verstion(Bottom) from the Vpcea24fm Sony Vaio laptop.

And voila next time I start the Laptop with the newly formated SSD I don’t get the bios error but the GPT Format one which is like a miracle because there is a simple solution for that here.

Now the this old baby works like a new one and boots ultra fast and all programs are almost instantly launch-able as soon as the windows 10 finished booting.

Here is a simplified Video of this whole story. If you are also on the same journey with your old laptop I wish you success and enjoy the ride cause I know I didn’t :)))))))