The worst excuse that prevents you from reaching your full potential

I have no time

Yet somehow you manage to binge watch Game of Thrones for the second time and know everything that’s happening in the lives of your neighbors cats.

In my humble opinion  “I have no time“ is the worst phrase and when I hear it from people who clearly have time on their hands, because they don’t work three jobs and it’s clear that they have time to shitpost on facebook while they sit on the porcelain throne (in case you don’t get the reference, they are taking a dump). If you have 3 jobs one after another and the highlight of your day is sitting on the toilet while contemplating life, then you obviously have a real excuse.

If God with his almighty busy life would take the time out of his swamped schedule, when he’s not saving the lives of patients in the oncology department, and would ask me if I have some time and if I lie to him he would kill off my whole family tree, even with tree jobs I would sweat bullets and be inclined to answer with: Yes I have time.

But as long as I work 8-10 hours a day on average, I would be lying if I said “I don’t have time”. 

I know success stories of a mother with 4 children who managed to make time for what is important, so then what exactly is your excuse? I have provided a link to successful mom entrepreneurs if you don’t believe me. And the curse of it all is that the more often you say/think/mimic you have no time, the greater the chance that things align in such a way that you will not have time. I am a big fan of the law of attraction and I have to agree that you attract the stuff you contemplate the most.

By saying “you have no time” you rescue yourself from any responsibility. But we love to blame others for our failures/mistakes in life : my parents raised me with the poor people’s mentality, nobody taught me about investing and compounding interest, because of Robert I didn’t get the promotion. Lucy stole my beloved doll and that’s the reason I’m so possessive with my sheet, teachers made me read stupid shit that’s why I developed hate for reading bla bla bla.

I used to blame the world but now I turned it completely around. Everything that’s bad in my life is because of me. It’s my fault for not taking the time to invest in my dreams and develop myself in the best and healthy way possible.

It is true that for success you have to invest countless hours of work, but you can divide those hours by doing certain things in increments.

Today a little, tomorrow a little.

If today you are 1% better than you were yesterday then imagine what you can reach: in a month, a year, 10 years, 20-30 ? A cumulative effect that can change your life in an extraordinary one.

Do not let society dictate what you can and cannot do. Heck sometimes I don’t want to write but I force myself to do it and magic happens, after 3 minutes it becomes effortless and I enjoy it alot.

Just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, almost no successful businesses were founded without countless hours of work and blood, sweat and tears and maybe even knee pads :)).

The era of possibilities

We live in an era that makes some of the stuff we can do today impossible 20 years ago. Through the power of the internet and social media almost all of us are interconnected. If I publish an article online almost everybody who has internet can theoretically find it (maybe not, cuz I suck at SEO and keyword research). There used to be times where people would make demo tapes and run around here and there to radio and tv stations to try and get some coverage, and that my friends is a long journey of begging and pleading.

This new world has corrupted us. We take tons of stuff for granted. 

At the smallest movement of my fingers I have a library many times greater than the one of Alexandria and all I need to do is wait a few seconds for my results.

Many of us want riches and wealth but if someone would tell us that the upfront costs of this achievement are not going out for 10 years or no vacations for 5 years you would probably tell them to @#$% off.

We are afraid of making mistakes

Although learning by doing is by far the fastest way to learn something because it involves so many senses. During your academic years you learn that making mistakes will cost you big time, especially when the parents find out, so you try to avoid them altogether. Even though many inventions were actually a byproduct of mistakes, such as: pacemaker (also called pacemaker or artificial stimulator), penicillin, microwave oven, Röntgen radiation (rays), coca cola, chips, ink printer, and others. So don’t let failures get the best of you!

If you approach mistakes in a playful way, you will see that you will learn very quickly and effectively.

Pay attention to the vocabulary you use, because the narrative you tell yourself  in your head may be the cage that limits you or sets you free and leads you to an unlimited internal energy source. Find the place where the change happens. Change your perspective and notice the blind spots where obstacles lay which stop you from achieving the success you want.